Few agencies are more skilled at guiding clients through successful real estate investments along the Front Range than K&A Properties. They've helped investors from all walks of life create wealth by purchasing homes as buy-and-hold rental properties or as quick "flips."

Knowledge Is Power

K&A's secret weapon is a deep understanding of real estate investing, local market conditions, and financing for investment properties—all advantages they use to help you maximize investment potential. Ken and Allison have a proprietary set of tools to assess properties based on long- and short-term potential appreciation, cash flow, cap rate, and tax benefits. With a breadth of experience in financing investments, they can provide advice on the best financing options for you. 




Getting Started

In a friendly, one-on-one appointment up front, you'll meet to talk through your goals, priorities, and financing. K&A will answer questions about current market conditions and all the nuances of the buying process for investment properties. From there, they will customize a home search, visit and evaluate properties and talk through the short- and long-term potential for each purchase.

Guides for the Journey

Once you identify a home and we successfully negotiate a contract, K&A will be there to help you navigate the process of inspections, appraisals, financing, and more. 

Have questions? Learn more about our backgrounds and expertise, and feel free to reach out for more information.

Here to Help

Feel free to drop us a line for a no-pressure chat about your investment goals, whether you're a first-time or experienced investor.

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