With years of experience under his belt, there aren't many who know real estate investing better than Ken Crifasi. He's helped investors purchase homes to buy-and-hold for short and long term rentals, flip, develop and more. Owning an investment property is a great way to make money whether it’s a long-term rental property or a flip for profit. Plus, you can get tax deductions on certain investment properties as well. If you are interested in real estate investments, Ken is your guy.
Knowledge is power...especially when it comes to a big decision like investing in real estate. Ken helps each investor evaluate properties based on their short and long term investment potential, and has tools to assess properties based on potential appreciation, cash flow, cap rate, and tax benefits. Ken can also speak to the benefits of certain kinds of financing for investments. 


Each potential investor gets a one on one appointment up front to talk through their goals, priorities, financing and to answer questions about the market and the process. From there, Ken will customize a home search for each client, visit and evaluate properties, talk the investor through the short and long term potential for each purchase, and once the investor puts a home under contract, Ken will be there with them to help them navigate the under contract process of inspections, appraisals, financing and more. If you are a seasoned investor or someone who is interested in purchasing their first investment property, Ken is a great resource for you.

Learn more about Ken and his experience with buying, selling and investments. 

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